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LKBM Toolset

NinjaRMM Software, ISMD, Cyber Security Software (Huntress, Sentinelone, Darktrace, GravityZone), Support personnel 24/7, Network monitoring and documentation.

ISMD "The 43-second rule"

Imagine your ISP having Gateway or DNS issues or maybe a damaged DATA cable inside your your firewall – meanwhile, you as the Internet subscriber, wouldn’t know till no response is experienced accessing the internet.

Please don’t worry; we have the tool to isolate the problem whether it occurred outside or inside your firewall.

Industry standard for SLA (service level agreement) Severe Level is 1-2 hours response time. With our proprietary detection tool (ISMD) our techs and your in-house IT department are notified in 43 seconds with pin point accuracy detection at the source of the problem.

The 43 second rule is an industry game changer. Let us show you how we can have your organization up and running with less time lost than ever before.

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