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How to Fix a Dead SATA Hard Drive

DATA recovery from broken drives.

If your SATA hard drive fails, you may face massive data loss. SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) hard drive failure occurs when the hard drive has melted internal components or stuck heads due to physical abuse or old age. Without a proper backup, you must get the drive working long enough to recover the data. Fixing a dead SATA hard drive is no different than fixing any other type of hard drive.

Release the Stuck Heads by Freezing the Drive

Turn off the computer, put the drive into a zip-top bag and place it in the freezer for a full day. Use this technique if the drive is making abnormal clicking noises. The idea is to tighten the heads (platters) that read the drive data. The platters bounce become loose overtime from unexpected shut downs (power outages) or just wear and tear over time.

The idea behind this method is to tighten the heads (platters) which can be accomplished by shrinking the metal by freezing it.

Make sure to have an external connector for the SATA drive that will connect to a computer with a USB cable.

You will know it worked when you no longer hear the clicking sound.

Best of luck.

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