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Japan's cyber-security minister has 'never used a computer!'

It is alarming to hear that Japan's Minister of Cybersecurity has admitted to never having used a computer. This revelation highlights a dangerous trend of individuals being appointed to high-level management positions without the necessary skills or experience to effectively lead in their field.

In today's digital age, cybersecurity is a vital aspect of protecting individuals, businesses, and governments from cyber attacks. Without a basic understanding of how computers and technology work, it is impossible for a leader to make informed decisions and implement effective measures to protect against cyber threats.

Furthermore, the lack of computer literacy among those in leadership positions creates a culture of complacency and lack of accountability. When management is not equipped to understand the risks and consequences of poor cybersecurity, it becomes easier for them to overlook or downplay potential threats.

This situation also sets a poor example for the rest of the organization. If leadership is not taking cybersecurity seriously, it is unlikely that other employees will either.

In conclusion, it is essential that individuals in leadership positions possess the necessary skills and experience to effectively lead in their field. It is unacceptable for a Minister of Cybersecurity to have never used a computer, it leaves the door wide open for massive problems that could have been prevented. It is important to hold our leaders to a higher standard and demand that they possess the knowledge and experience necessary to protect us from cyber threats.

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